• Casey Brown

    Casey Brown has hosted 24 episodes.

    Casey is happy to be part of The Brothers Murph podcast team as the resident Buffy expert and X-chromosome-carrier. In her waking hours, she has a very exciting job that takes her from bathroom to bathroom across the US to sell things to make them better (she is 100% not joking about this being her job and is 100% joking about it being exciting). She is a Ravenclaw and thus very excited to learn about as many things as possible from all the experts we will come to know!


  • Dylan White

    Dylan White has hosted 16 episodes.

    Dylan's the childhood friend of the Brothers Murph, the one who can't shut up about King Arthur.

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  • Michael Lie Murphy

    Michael Lie Murphy has hosted 26 episodes.

    Michael is one of the titular brothers of The Brothers Murph fame (fame being relative of course) He is an actor in Los Angeles and can be seen on Youtube as one of the content creators for Drunken Teddy Comedy. He is desperately in need of answers and helped create this podcast as a way to entertain by way of asking dumb questions while being schooled by a host of weekly experts.

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  • Nick Murphy

    Nick Murphy has hosted 25 episodes.

    I am one of the famed Brother's Murph! Nick Murphy to be exact! Thanks for visiting our website and listening to our podcast!